Now that Siege has ended and the Heroic Age is kicking off, I’ve started reading Siege as whole. I read the main four issues of Siege but I wasn’t really blown away by it. The fact that I’ve never been much a Sentry fan has something to do with my somewhat lack of enjoyment with Siege I’m sure. However, I felt, to give it a fair shake, I decided to try and read all the tie-ins along with the main series.

I’ve made it through more than half the books, and I must admit, I’m enjoying many of the tie-ins quite a bit. Very few of the books actually deal with Sentry at all. He may show up for a panel or two, but that’s about it in a lot of cases. I’ve especially been enjoying New Avengers. While I’ve never really followed many of the Captain America books, I can’t deny the influence that Steve Rogers holds on the Marvel Universe. Seeing how the various heroes react to his return is fantastic. The fact that they’re inspired and hyped up because of his return, in turn gets me excited to see what Cap’s going to do and makes me want to go back and read some more Cap books.

I also really enjoy the Embedded books. I read these tie-ins during Secret Invasion, and while I didn’t mind them, I didn’t know the characters and had no real emotional attachment to them. When Ben Urich’s wife died, the lack of attachment didn’t work well for me. From the three Embedded issues I’ve read from Siege thus far, I’ve certainly enjoyed them far more. The story thus far has been focused on Ben and Will Stern, an old friend Ben happened to run into. I’m not sure if Will’s been in comics before, but it’s enough to know that the two have worked together at some point in the past. That allows these books to focus solely on showing a side of Siege that isn’t seen in most of the other books: the non-powered side. I enjoy watching these guys do everything they can to get the truth out to the public. In order to do that, they’re willing to throw themselves into the middle of a war of super-powered beings despite their distinct lack of any kind of powers. It’s nice to get an “everyman” look at these events every once in a while.