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Review: God of War III

With the release of God of War III, the final chapter in Kratos’s story is finally revealed. His quest for vengeance against his father Zeus and any other god that stands in his way is coming to a close. Does this game live up to the massive hype surrounding it or does it whimper out like a Cerberus pup? Read on to find out.

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On March 29th, it was announced that PS3 firmware update 3.21 will get rid of the “Install other OS” feature that remains on the old PS3s. The slim PS3s already lack this functionality. While I haven’t installed Linux on my PS3, nor do I know anyone that has, I still think it’s outrageous to remove this capability.

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Playstation Move the Right Move?

Recently, my coworker and I have had brief discussions about Microsoft and Sony’s recent foray into the motion gaming arena. He doesn’t follow gaming news as closely as I do, but he’d still come across a few articles about both the Natal and the PS Move. We discussed how interesting each device looks, both company’s possible motivations for creating these devices, and whether they seem like good ideas or not.

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Review: Final Fantasy XIII

It’s been about three and a half years since the last Final Fantasy title was released. It’s been even longer since this thirteenth installment was announced. In all this time, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this game, as I am with each Final Fantasy. While I wouldn’t put this entry up with some of my favorite titles in this series, it certainly wasn’t the worse. Read on while I elaborate further on this game’s pros and cons.

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II: Final Fantasy XIII

This is the first Initial Impressions post, but it certainly won’t be the last. These posts will serve to deliver some of my first thoughts while playing through the first handful of hours in a game. For this entry, I’ll be looking at Final Fantasy XIII. I’ve gotten about six hours into the game so I’ll briefly write about some of my immediate likes and dislikes about this portion of the game. This article may contain some minor spoilers.

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FFXIII Officially Reserved!

My excitement level for the newest Final Fantasy has been relatively muted in the lead up to this impending release. I recall in 2006, in the last month before FFXII came out, I was dying to get my hands on every nugget of information regarding that game’s release. That last month seemed to take forever. I hadn’t really felt too much excitement for FFXIII. Maybe part of that is because of my huge disappointment with FFXII. It may also be from what I’ve been hearing thus far about this new Final Fantasy. Although, honestly, the complaints many have shared about linearity don’t really bother me too much. I actually don’t mind the linearity at all. However, these complaints have still tempered my excitement slightly. Of course, that lack of excitement ended the minute I put down my money to reserve the game.

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Uhh…What? Lingering Questions from Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is, without a doubt, a game that’s very unlike many of the games that many developers are putting out there these days. For that, it certainly deserves to be appreciated for be something more than another space marine shooter. However, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it deserves a free pass for all of its faults. There were a few plot points that weren’t laid out very clearly and a couple others that just plain confused the hell out of me. I wanted to take some time to point out some of the lingering questions that I still have even after completing the game.


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Tutorial or Not Tutorial

No doubt Heavy Rain is a polarizing game. It’s been out for only a few days, but already the internet is abuzz with everyone’s thoughts on this highly anticipated game from Quantic Dream. I’ve only just picked up the game myself so I’m only a couple of hours in, however I’ve already gotten passed one part that many have complained about: the introduction sequence.

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Heavy Rain Demo Impressions

The Heavy Rain demo hit PSN a couple of weeks ago, but I find myself still thinking about it. It was so different than nearly every game that has come out in years. Since the first screenshots were released, we’ve all been well aware that this game was going to look good. The demo did not disappoint. Despite a few not so beautiful textures, the game looks fantastic. The game has an incredible atmosphere about it. It feels very much like the murder mystery that it’s been hyped up to be.

I can certainly understand why some people won’t enjoy this game like I enjoyed the demo. The demo certainly moved at a slow, methodical pace. Many people will feel that the game is simply plodding along at an unbearable pace, but I have no problem with that if it’s done well. I believe the developers will fill those lulls with either unique control sequences or intriguing character building moments. There’s a certain frame of mind that is needed going into this game. You’ve got to be prepared to sit back and let the game take over. It’s an extremely interesting change of pace. I know people will say that’s not a game, but really it’s just a different kind of game than we’ve seen lately. I’m quite interested to see how this murder mystery plays out in this unique game.

Lately I’ve been rather disappointed with my Wii. I haven’t purchased a Wii game since the first Galaxy title. A few games have come and gone that I’ve been interested in, but I can’t help but feel like my money would be put to better use on purchasing a PS3 game instead. Instead, I’d rather just rent the game to save a bit of cash (although at Blockbuster prices, I’m probably better off purchasing!). However, with the photos and videos that were released this week of the newest Mario title, I find myself once again excited for a Wii game.

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