My thoughts on the new X-Campus book.


-I’ll admit, I’m a total sucker for X-Men in high school. That’s why I enjoyed the X-Men Evolution cartoon, and also why I enjoyed this book. This book definitely left me interested in seeing Artibani’s interpretation of the X-Men at this age plays out.

-This book was split up into two chapters. The first chapter did a pretty solid job of introducing the various characters and their abilities. The second chapter dealt more with Rogue’s interaction with Emma, Sebastian and their Professor Magnus. I thought this was a neat take on Rogue initially joining the Brotherhood in the 616 universe before switching to the X-Men while also including references to the Hellfire Club. Both chapters focus more specifically on Rogue, giving this a bit of the same feel as X-Men the movie.

-I think the art style certainly fits with story that’s being told in this book. It certainly evokes a similar vibe to X-Men Evolution which complements the story well.


-This book doesn’t really feel like it took too many chances with its reinterpretation of the X-Men. There were really no surprises in the characters that appear in this book. Rogue, Jean Grey, Hank McCoy, Xavier, all of these seem too obvious and like Artibani took the safe approach to writing an X-Men book.

-I was a little bored in the beginning simply because the focus was on Rogue and there was very little different about her back-story from any of the other incarnations of the character.

-While I think the art style works well with this book, I couldn’t help but notice that Rogue’s shirt switches between having sleeves and being sleeveless every couple pages. The only reason this stuck out to me is because I found it odd that Rogue would be sleeveless after discovering her powers. Then I’d turn the page and she’d magically have sleeves for a couple of pages. Along those same lines, I don’t understand why Rogue would have gloves with holes in the top or why she’d have shoulders or midriff uncovered.


-All in all, I enjoyed this book. It’s far from perfect, but I’m interested in seeing where this goes. I hope that a couple more risks are taken with these characters as the story progresses. It’s definitely a good book to read for those unfamiliar with the characters without needing years of back-story. I felt this book deserved a…