The Good

This book is the culmination of what Claremont has been building towards since Forever began. The X-Men have finally reached the Consortium’s space satellite and are now fighting to prevent the eradication of mutants.

-From the beginning, I’ve liked that Claremont hasn’t been tied down to preserve various characters for the sake of other books. He proved this early on with the death of Wolverine. This issue has a couple deaths of major players in most Marvel universes. I find it enjoyable to read stories where the writer has total freedom to take the story in any direction without having to worry about stepping on the stories of others.

-I’ve always enjoyed the art in these Forever books. Since these stories were meant to have taken place during the 90’s, I’ve appreciated the fact that art has a certain 90’s feel to it. Something about their space suit design evoked some distinctly 90’s feelings that I thought worked well within this Forever universe.

The Bad

I’ve never been a fan of the Beast/Jean Grey relationship. It began about as quickly as it ended. Maybe it’s because I have trouble seeing Jean with anyone other than Scott, but I just have never gotten used to their relationship. Because of that, the conversation between Jean and Hank didn’t feel as emotional to me as I believe Claremont intended.

-At one point, Jean tells Scott they’ve got minutes before the space station explodes, but I never got a sense of an exact time frame. They had time to retreat to the blackbird, put on bulky space suits, and do battle in space before the explosion finally occurred. The time constraints just didn’t seem as dire as I think Claremont was going for.


-All in all, this book wasn’t awful, but it didn’t do anything to blow me away either. I felt like there should have been more of a payoff for bringing down the group that has been plaguing the X-Men since this series began. Since I didn’t love or hate this book, I’ll give it a: