Astonishing X-Men 1 Review.

The Good

-I must admit, I’ve never heard of Kaare Andrews. While reading this issue, I found myself having some of the same thoughts about the art that I did while reading through Morrison’s New X-Men run. Initially, I wasn’t a fan of Quitely’s art either. I could see some of Andrews’ art growing on me as I see more, but not without some changes (mentioned below).

-I’m interested to see where this story goes. Are these babies in Africa really mutants? If not, just what are they? Who or what led to their creation? There are a lot of questions raised in this issue with little to no answers, so I find myself intrigued.

The Bad

-I feel the art should also be mentioned here. While I had no problems with the male characters, I wasn’t as big of a fan of the way the females were drawn. The huge hips on Storm and Emma are probably the most obvious of the odd features, but I had more of an issue with the rest of Emma’s appearance. When they were flying to Africa, there were a few shots of Emma’s face where her features were just horribly unattractive. Not to mention the ridiculousness of her boobs somehow taking up a chunk of nearly every panel during that scene.

-This doesn’t really feel like it’s in continuity. I know that many people are saying it is, but it’s pretty much impossible to determine when exactly this takes place without any kind of official word from Marvel. It did look like this takes place after the move to San Francisco, but before the events of Utopia. It just feels a little irrelevant reading about events from the past while also reading about major events in the present.

-I found myself a bit confused by some of the dialog. I’ve never seen reference to Mutantes Sans Frontieres. It was only upon searching this on Wiki that I learned this was a charity created by Archangel sometime after the 2001 revamp of Uncanny. I could have really used a small side note giving me a one or two sentence blurb about the MSF.

-Storm’s back the Mohawk? Really?

-Too much set up and nearly no action. I couldn’t help but be a little bored by all the exposition in this issue. Maybe this will read better once this arc is complete, but as a standalone issue, it didn’t hold my attention very well.


-This issue raised numerous questions. While I’m intrigued for now, if the next issue doesn’t grab me, this may not be a series that I’ll follow on a monthly basis. I’m willing to give it a chance to really get rolling, but as a standalone issue, this issue only gets a: