I’ve had high hopes for Second Coming from the get go. If these last two issues are any indication of what’s left to come then this will easily become one of my favorite stories in all of comics. This issue wasn’t action heavy, but then again, it really didn’t need to be.

The Good:

-The story slowed down a bit. Without much on the action side, it allowed both the X-Men and the reader to take some time and reflect on the death from the previous issue. Considering how prevalent this character has been in various books over the years, I felt Matt Fraction gave him/her a great sendoff.

-I liked Cyclops standing up for Hope. She took a lot of crap in this issue and Cyclops was about the only that was thinking logically. I felt like he really knew that she in no way asked for the stuff that’s happened to her. I liked that he kept his cool despite the emotional circumstances surrounding him.

-Kitty Pryde sighting! Considering how she’s barely been mentioned since Second Coming began, it was good to at least see her even if it was just a couple of panels. I actually just read some of the Morlock Massacre issues where Kitty is in constant intangibility. I’m interested to see how this is solved this time around.

-The flashback and funeral scenes. My favorite scene in this entire issue was when Colossus, Wolverine, and Cyclops were carrying the casket. Colossus and Wolverine both seem to be lifting the casket without straining much, but Cyclops seems to be struggling a bit holding his end. It seemed like this death “weighed” pretty heavily on Cyclops. I’m not a huge fan of Dodson’s art, but these scenes were excellent.

The Bad:

-As I said in the previous point, Dodson’s not my favorite artist. Upon seeing the first couple pages, I was a little underwhelmed after Choi’s amazing art in the last Second Coming chapter.

Final Verdict:

-This issue was another fantastic entry in Second Coming. This is definitely a must read for anyone even halfway following the X-Men. Despite not being a huge fan of the art, the key scenes in this book that needed to be emotional accomplished that. Therefore, I have no problem giving this issue a: