On March 29th, it was announced that PS3 firmware update 3.21 will get rid of the “Install other OS” feature that remains on the old PS3s. The slim PS3s already lack this functionality. While I haven’t installed Linux on my PS3, nor do I know anyone that has, I still think it’s outrageous to remove this capability.

When the PS3 first launched, the ability to install the Linux OS on the system was a touted feature. While I doubt this was a highly sought after feature, I’m sure some people out there were thrilled to be able to do this. Having it removed after three years seems like a shady deal. From what I’ve gathered, someone found a way to install custom themes using a hack with the Other OS feature. While this isn’t a particularly malicious hack, it’s still a vulnerability that Sony doesn’t want to allow. This seems like a strange way to fix the problem though. Simply eliminating the ability to install another OS is the easy way to fix the issue without actually having to come up with a solution that doesn’t remove features. That seems like a lazy approach to me.

My problem with this doesn’t really have to do with the loss of this functionality though. My main problem is the fact that they’re removing something they advertised early on as being a selling point. I own a launch 60gb console. What’s to stop them from removing the ability for me to play PS2 games? This was the main reason I scoured eBay in order to track down a console that would play my extensive PS2 library since my PS2 has trouble reading discs. If this functionality were ever removed, I like to think that I’d stop supporting Sony at that point. This doesn’t seem like the correct way to combat this issue and I hope no other companies follow suit and feel like they can get away with removing selling point features in the future.

The PS3 doesn’t do everything.