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Secret Avengers Line-Up! Not really a secret anymore!

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Review: God of War III

With the release of God of War III, the final chapter in Kratos’s story is finally revealed. His quest for vengeance against his father Zeus and any other god that stands in his way is coming to a close. Does this game live up to the massive hype surrounding it or does it whimper out like a Cerberus pup? Read on to find out.

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An X-Man Shall Fall

A new preview image for an upcoming X-Force issue shows a rather ominous message. One of the portrayed X-Men will die in the upcoming issue, a part of Second Coming. Here are some of my thoughts about the potentially doomed mutants.

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On March 29th, it was announced that PS3 firmware update 3.21 will get rid of the “Install other OS” feature that remains on the old PS3s. The slim PS3s already lack this functionality. While I haven’t installed Linux on my PS3, nor do I know anyone that has, I still think it’s outrageous to remove this capability.

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