My excitement level for the newest Final Fantasy has been relatively muted in the lead up to this impending release. I recall in 2006, in the last month before FFXII came out, I was dying to get my hands on every nugget of information regarding that game’s release. That last month seemed to take forever. I hadn’t really felt too much excitement for FFXIII. Maybe part of that is because of my huge disappointment with FFXII. It may also be from what I’ve been hearing thus far about this new Final Fantasy. Although, honestly, the complaints many have shared about linearity don’t really bother me too much. I actually don’t mind the linearity at all. However, these complaints have still tempered my excitement slightly. Of course, that lack of excitement ended the minute I put down my money to reserve the game.

I’ve been holding out on placing my reservation in anticipation of a Collector’s Edition. I’m astounded that Square Enix didn’t capitalize on this opportunity to get a few more bucks from people like me that are willing to spend the extra cash in order to get any kind of additional material related to the title. I think it’s safe to assume that if a CE hasn’t been announced a week before release, then it probably isn’t coming. It’s too bad because, even though there wasn’t much additional content with the FFXII CE (a retrospective disc and a tin case), it was only an additional $10 for FFXII’s CE and that was quite reasonable.

I did get suckered into getting the Collector’s Edition of the guide. I’m well aware that I don’t need a guide when I have the internet, but I enjoy the reading material as well as the additional aspects of the game that I can uncover if I don’t pick up on them while playing. It’s really just Final Fantasy guides that I still purchase so I don’t feel too bad about dropping a bit of extra cash on them. Now if only next Tuesday would hurry up and arrive!