Hello there. First of all I wanted to thank you for visiting our blog. I just wanted to give a short introduction about who I am and what you can expect from me.

I like to think of myself as a full-time web developer and a part-time gamer. For the purposes of this blog, I’m going to mainly focus on video games. Currently I mainly play PC games so expect posts about those.
I have also been a fan of comics for a little while now. I haven’t kept up with DC or Marvel as much as my coauthors, but I have been reading some comics by smaller publishers.
One other topic that you’ll probably notice that I have a passion about is professional wrestling. Yes I realize that I’m probably too old to still be watching it, but lets face it, wrestling is one of those shows where you don’t have to wait several months for a new season and it’s entertaining enough to keep me watching.
Well then, that’s enough about me for now. Stay tuned for my first game related post where my topic will be Plants Vs Zombies!