As I first read on, it seems some changes may be hitting the X books this summer. This may be nothing more than a teaser poster for the Second Coming event. It seems a little strange that they’d put out a poster as ambiguous as this for an event they’ve been pushing other previews for over the past few months.

This may simply be a teaser for a new team of X-Men. Since Cable and Hope will be returning to the present, this may be hinting at them being new additions to an X team. It could also just be yet another restructuring of the X teams. They’ve certainly rotated through characters plenty of times over the course of the years, and this may be yet another permutation for the team.

I had not heard about the rumor of Cable and X-Force books ending after the Second Coming event. I must admit, I’m a little bummed about this rumor and would prefer this to not be true since they’re two of my favorite X books. However, this could see those two ending books merging into a single book. I’d be alright with that. It could be quite interesting to see Cable return to lead the X-Force team once again. It’s been years since he’s headed X-Force and if anyone would fit in with the kinds of missions X-Force is sent to accomplish, it’s Cable. He’d have even more reason to get his hands dirty in the field in order to protect Hope from having to deal with the shadier parts of the present timeline. I suppose this may be the most likely scenario. Marvel is trimming the Avengers books. Considering how many X books are out there, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they trim some of those down. It can be difficult to keep up with the various titles at times. Ultimately though, I find myself anxiously anticipating any nugget of information I can glean regarding this simple poster. I hope I’ll enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed the Messiah books thus far.