Are they a new team of the villains turned heroes? Secret Avengers = Secretly Dark Avengers? Maybe the Superhuman Registration Act is still active and this group of capes is out to make stand against an unjust law! Or maybe Thor, Iron Man, and Cap took a play from Cyclops’ book and made a team of special ops Avengers! They wear all black and it’s secretly written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle!

Speculation is harmless fun, but lets face it there is not much we know about this team. All Marvel has released are silhouettes of these Secret Avengers along with pretty vague quotes that can apply to just about anyone. It’s a teaser in every sense of the word.

Hit the jump for obvious (and not so obvious, or not so serious) guesses that you probably read on other comics sites.


1) Obvious choice: Venom or Anti Venom

Logic tells us this individual is probably in this particular pose for the majority of his panels.  I deduce a Spider-man related character! Gut feeling says Venom; you can almost draw the spider symbol on the silhouette. However this is the Heroic Age, so if this team is really team of good guys, then that leaves Anti-Venom as the only logical choice. Eddie Brock’s crazy anti-hero persona will benefit joining an Avengers team as it is definitely a step up from saving junkies that he is infatuated with from drug dealers. Heroes aside, Carnage can also be a candidate, even though the silhouette has no amorphous qualities to it. I am pretty sure Bendis killed him off during one of the early issues of New Avengers with the Sentry.

2) Not so obvious choice: Ben Reilly or any other left over from the jewel of the 90s, the Clone Saga. Spider-man 2099

The hoodie never goes out of style

Wait, he’s dead right? No one is safe from resurrection in comics (unless you’re Uncle Ben)! Brubaker successfully brought back Bucky, a character whose original death had such an impact on Captain America from the moment he was thawed till recently. What is to stop him from bringing back someone else? It would be easy just add an existence of another clone or even have it as a byproduct of Mephisto’s Marriage exchange.  The clone saga lasted from 1994 to 1996, but Ben Reilly appeared during the 70s according to Wikipedia. There are plenty of points in time in which a clone made by the Jackal or Norman Osborn can be written in. Is Miguel, (Spider-man 2099) still with the Exiles? If not he should totally get back to the 616 universe and join this crew of silhouetted Avengers.

3) Honorable Mention: Uncle Ben

"Pete, promise me after I'm gone I won't be used as a cheap plot device "

I mean check out those stats….

Stay tuned for the next installment!